Tyrone V Dublin 2014 League

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Team Possessions Shots Shot Rate Scores Success Rate Weighting
Tyrone 44 32 73% 16 50% -1.284
Dublin 35 25 71% 13 52% 0.456
Champ (’12 & ’13 avg) 35.8 27.6 77.2% 14.1 51.0%

Despite the hammer blow of being 2-01 behind without having ventured into the opposition’s 45 Tyrone did very well to give themselves a chance in this game. If they had shown the same levels of accuracy in the 2nd quarter of the game, just after Dublin’s third goal, as they did towards the end of the game they would have beaten Dublin.

Following MacAuley’s goal Tyrone’s next 11 possessions yielded;

point – wide – no shot – wide – wide – wide – wide – short – no shot – wide.

In that same period they only coughed up two shots to Dublin (with no scores). They were utterly dominant but could not convert that dominance into closing the gap.

Shots from Play

Team Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
Tyrone 18 6 33% -2.155
Dublin 20 10 50% +1.024
Champ avgs (’12 & ’13) 20.3 9.2 45.4%

Dublin, as is their wont, were goal hungry in Omagh on Sunday. Of their shots from play 40% were attempts for a goal (yielding 3-01 – or a Success Rate of 50%) with a nice symmetrical 50% Success Rate on shots for points (6 from 12).

By contrast only 11% of Tyrone’s shots from play were goal-ward bound with a poor Success Rate of 37.5% (6 from 16) for their shots for points.
It was the volume of shots from deadballs that allowed Tyrone to get back into the game. Or put another way it was Dublin’s ill discipline that ensured they had a much nervier finish than one would have expected after 20 minutes.

Shots from deadballs

Player Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
D Connolly (Dublin) 5 3 60% -0.568
D McCurry (Tyrone) 7 4 57% -0.416
N Morgan (Tyrone) 3 3 100% +1.155
R O’Neill (Tyrone) 2 2 100% +0.313
P Harte (Tyrone) 1 1 100% +0.593
C McAlliskey (Tyrone) 1 0 0% -0.773
team avgs (’12 & ’13 Champ) 7.3 4.9 66.7%

The point that immediately jumps off the page is just how many frees Dublin conceded within shooting range – 13 including a penalty with none of them occurring outside the 45m line. Considering the Championship average is just below 8, and the expectation is that the Black Card effect has reduced this during this year’s League campaign, that is a remarkable number.

Tyrone employed their platoon approach (against Cork 5 players combined for 11 deadball attempts) with 6 different players showing a combined Success Rate of 71% (10 from 14 with a weighting of +0.871).

Morgan & O’Neill, when he came on, had excellent returns whilst McCurry followed up the below average Cork game with another sub par performance. From the two games he is now showing a Success Rate of 60% (6 from 10) with a weighting of -1.083. Given the proximity of some of his misses he really should have one, if not two, more points from frees.

Overall there were 50 kickouts however due to Dublin’s whiurlwind start the two Tyrone kickouts after the goals were lost to replays whilst Dublin lost one of theirs as the referee blew to throw the ball up.

Of the remaining 47 Tyrone performed very well winning 55% (26 from 47) and eliciting 5 more shots than Dublin from the kickouts they won compared to those won by Dublin (14 shots to 9).

Tyrone were dominant on their own kickouts winning 16 (out of 20) turning 13 of those won into an attacking possession and getting 8 shots off. Dublin managed 3 shots from the 4 Tyrone kickouts they won.

Dublin obviously missed the accuracy of Cluxton for although they won a comfortable majority of their own kickouts (17 out of 27 – 67%) they were only able to convert 53%, as opposed to 81% for Tyrone above, of those won (9 out of 17) into an attacking possession. These nine possessions resulted in six shots.

Of the ten kickouts Dublin lost Tyrone were able to convert nine into a possession and six into a shot.

Despite winning seven more kickouts than Tyrone did the ultimate outcome was even (nine possessions + six shots). The mix of kickouts was the same as when Cluxton is at the helm but that drop in the execution precision enabled Tyrone to nullify a potent Dublin weapon.

Players with >= 2 shots from play
Against Cork it was highlighted how outside of Coney & McCurry Tyrone’s attack did not function. They were 3 from 15 with a weighting of -3.269. That sufficed against Cork as Coney & McCurry were excellent (Coney’s day against Cork was ridiculously good – hitting eight from nine)

In this game they were 4 from 12 with a weighting of -1.721. This time it was the deadball striking that maintained Tyrone as McCurry & Coney only hit two from six themselves.

So outside of Coney & McCurry Tyrone’s shooting from play from the last two games has a Success Rate of 25.9% (7 from 27) and a weighting of -4.99.

Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
D McCurry (Tyrone) 4 2 50% +0.423
K McManamon (Dublin) 4 1 25% -1.231
D Connolly (Dublin) 3 2 67% +0.643
A Brogan (Dublin) 3 1 33% -0.210
S Cavanagh (Tyrone) 3 1 33% -0.614
J Whelan (Dublin) 2 2 100% +1.185
Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone) 2 1 50% +0.094
Mark Donnelly (Tyrone) 2 1 50% -0.125
K Coney (Tyrone) 2 0 0% -0.858
E O’Gara (Dublin) 2 0 0% -0.924

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3 Responses to “Tyrone V Dublin 2014 League”

  1. Liam Gordon Says:

    Any stats on the yellow card/red card/black card count?
    It seemed to me that Dublin racked up alot of yellow cards in the second half but the referee seemed reluctant to show black cards. Is this correct? My perception was this timidity allowed Dublin to stifle Tyrone in the second half. Also, it appeared that Dublin played for several minutes with 15 men after the red (shades of 1995). Faulty memory or do I have this correct?

    • dontfoul Says:

      I haven’t tracked the cards … there might be something in comparing the volume of shots/possessions during this league campaign & last year’s Championship.

      My Irish is pretty poor but I’m sure I heard the commentators comment on Davy Byrne being incorrectly on the pitch after O’Carrolls red.

      As for Duffy; I think this game shows that whilst the game *can* now open up its not a given that it will. Teams can still foul and that temptation will always be there when defending a lead.

  2. Liam Gordon Says:

    Thanks df. Did a bit of digging. Eight yellows and one red to Dublin, and no black cards….doesn’t pass the sniff test. No red/black card for the Tyrone penalty (prevention of a clear goal scoring opportunity) and Dublin had 15 men on the field for four minutes. This coupled with the number of frees conceded in shooting positions…..

    These new rules are great. If, and only if, the referee decides to enforce them.

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