Ballyboden St. Enda’s V Clonmel Commercials 2016 Club Championship Semi Final

For those new to the blog, or who haven’t been here for a while, please find a refresher on the definitions and how the numbers are compiled here

Normal time (60 minutes)

Team Possessions Attacks Shots Scores Exp Pts
Ballyboden 44 29 22 0 – 10 11.38
Clonmel 44 35 20 0 – 10 9.74


Extra Time

Team Possessions Attacks Shots Scores Exp Pts
Ballyboden 20 16 11 0 – 05 5.79
Clonmel 17 5 3 0 – 00 1.31

Not quite a game of two halves but there was a distinct change in how the game played out in extra time. During the opening 60 minutes there was no great difference between the teams despite the fact that Ballyboden had an edge in attacks and Expected Points. Come extra time however Ballyboden absolutely dominated proceedings restricting Clonmel to just the three shots over that 20 minutes.

Dipping the toes into the subjective it looked like Clonmel collectively panicked. At half time of extra time they were *only* two points down but they seemed to enter “chase” mode quite early. Their mind-set obviously wasn’t helped by the ending of normal time, when they must have felt they’d “blown” it, whilst the dark clouds were further enhanced with Quinlivan’s black card early in extra time.

An example of this chasing can be viewed in and around half time of extra time. Clonmel had eight consecutive possessions where they did not manage to get control of the ball inside Ballyboden’s 45. Six of those possessions were lost by sending 50:50 (or worse) balls into Ballyboden’s half despite not having Quinlivan at the apex of their attack.

To those not fully acquainted with the club scene these games tend to revolve around “star” names. Players we recognise from the county scene. For Ballyboden this was Durkan, MacCauley & Keaney but the two outfield players can thank their “lesser light” team mates for pulling the draw out of the fire.

In the 58th minute, two points down, Keaney struck a disastrous free, converted ~98% of the time, straight into the goalkeeper’s hands. That could have proved ruinous for Ballyboden’s chances so late in the game but down a man they managed to turn over the subsequent possession inside Clonmel’s 45 – only for MacCauley, of all people, to get stripped by Clonmel’s Gary Moore.

Ultimately Ballyboden prevailed but either intervention could have been devastating.


Shots from Play

Team Shots Scores Exp Pts
Ballyboden 21 0 – 07 9.10
Clonmel 19 0 – 07 8.06

Not one shot on goal, over the 80 minutes, from either team.

Shooting in general was below standard. If Castlebar maintain their defensive discipline in the final, and restrict the flow of scores from frees, then Ballyboden will have to be a lot more accurate in the final to maintain any form of scoreboard pressure.

One quirk of the game was Ballyboden’s shot clustering (see shot chart below). I say quirk because they righted the ship in extra time but during the opening 60 minutes the vast majority of their shots from play came from a very narrow patch on the right hand side around the 20m line.


Shots from deadballs

Team Shots Scores Success Rates Exp Pts
Ballyboden 12 0 – 08 67% 8.07
Castlebar 4 0 – 03 75% 2.99

Two ways to view the above. Clonmel’s discipline was left wanting or conversely, looking towards the final, Ballyboden’s was excellent.

The discrepancy in totals is somewhat skewed by what happened in extra time. Ballyboden had four shots from frees thus reducing the 60 minute gap to four. Still Ballyboden only conceded four shots from frees in 35 attacks (for comparative purposes Castlebar conceded five in 45 attacks).

Ballyboden’s shooting was average overall but this includes that horrendous miss from Keaney towards the end of the game. Take that abnormality out and Ballyboden scored 0 – 08 when they were expected to score 7.08.

Kerin was excellent converting all five of his attempts.



Ballyboden’s kickouts Won % Turned into an attack Shot
Ballyboden 9 60% 5 5
Clonmel 6 40% 6 5
Clonmel’s kickouts Won % Turned into an attack Shot
Ballyboden 8 27% 7 6
Crossmaglen 22 73% 14 6

The kickout stats are completely skewed. Ballyboden did not have one kickout during extra time whilst Clonmel had eleven – with eight of them going short.

As the aforementioned panic became all-encompassing Clonmel gave up two short kickouts at the end one of which Keaney converted. During the original 60 minutes their short kickout routines were fine however. They had eight in total scoring 0 – 02 from same. Of the other eleven contestable kickouts Ballyboden won five scoring 0 – 03 from same.

Ballyboden went short on 4 (27%) of their 15 kickouts though one went out over the sideline. Of the remainder Ballyboden won the possession stakes 6 – 5 whilst both scored 0- 02 directly from those possessions.


Shot Charts

Ballyboden’s shooting
Ballyboden shooting (V Clonmel 16 club SF)

Clonmel’s shooting
Clonmel shooting (V Ballyboden Club SF)
x = missed, disc = score, yellow = deadball, black = normal time from play, white = Extra Time


Players with >= 3 shots from play

Shots Scores Success Rate Exp Pts
J Kennedy (Clonmel) 4 2 50% 1.80
S Molony (Ballyboden) 4 1 25% 1.79
D Davey (Ballyboden) 4 0 0% 1.64
A Kerin (Ballyboden) 3 2 67% 1.27
J Lonergan (Clonmel) 3 2 67% 1.24
I Barnes (Clonmel) 3 1 33% 1.30

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