Data Request

Update: Thanks for all the help. One of the traders from Ladbrokes has been on and provided the data

Quick post looking for data

During 2015 I tracked the betting odds on all league and Championship games. Or at least I thought I did. The plan was to do a piece comparing all teams’ expected wins versus how they did and see who outperformed their odds throughout the year. Or underperformed.

Having transcribed the data into a spreadsheet I realised I missed a number of games. If anyone has the odds, or the handicap (I can work out one from the other), from the below games I would be very grateful. Drop me an email at or leave them in the comments


Division 4
London – Leitrim
Longford – Offaly (the final)
Dublin – Kerry in the AI Final

(yes yes I know. I tracked all the games then forgot to note the biggest game of the year)


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