A few non game related updates/musings

I had completely forgotten that people get blog entries through email. It wasn’t until my brother texted me to tell me that he never visits the blog (thanks bro!) and gets everything through email that I remembered there was an email list.

Why this is important is that I have gotten into a bad habit of putting entries up quickly and then fixing them on the fly – but the first, usually incorrect, entry goes by mail. Apologies for that – I’ll try and take an extra hour or two and get the first entry right.

I have updated (finally) the definitions page (here). Feel free to rummage and find any errors/omissions.

This weekend (July 18th/19th)
One of the issues with this being a hobby is that real life gets in the way. I am going to be out of the country over the coming week so won’t get to this weekend’s games except on a delayed basis. There are three huge games in the Provincial finals. Given the history we have to date it is likely I will do the Cork – Kerry game first and then choose between Mayo – Sligo and Donegal – Monaghan depending on how the games go. Though keep an eye on the Ulster GAA website as they have an excellent (and much cleaner looking!) breakdown of all their games. Donegal – Monaghan should be out mid-week.

Using the stats
I don’t mind people using the stats. I don’t. Anyone who has interacted with me will tell you that – people don’t have to ask to be honest. Just credit the original source as it does take some time to collate.

Generally what I do is not proprietary. It is basically glorified counting and segmentation (apart from the weighting) thus anyone could do it. And that’s the problem. There have been a few instances where you *know* the data has been lifted from the blog and I look like an attention seeking teenager looking for notice when you query where the numbers have come from. Then there are times when the person has obviously gone through the game and come to the same numbers/conclusions. It can become tiresome (a) trying to decipher who has lifted the numbers and (b) seeing yourself as an attention seeking teenager. Tis many, many years since I was that!!

If you want to use any of the data go ahead. Just credit the source – please!

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