J O’Donoghue – a review

When compiling the accuracy charts from play it became apparent that James O’Donoghue’s point taking accuracy was freakishly good.


From play with average


But how exactly did he achieve such a high Success Rate?


Table A; O’Donoghue’s attempts for points from play

Shot Frequency Success Rate
Sector Shots Points Brogan Average Brogan Average
4 4 2 9% 23% 50% 37%
5 11 8 25% 25% 73% 50%
6 9 6 20% 18% 67% 35%
7 4 4 9% 13% 100% 42%
8 13 11 30% 13% 85% 70%
9 3 3 7% 9% 100% 46%
Total 44 34 77% 45%

Note; – for a representation of the pitch segments see the graph in the Appendix


These are a remarkable set of numbers. Up until the semi final replay this year O’Donoghue had not missed an attempt at a point from inside the 20m line in nigh on three years. Not one. Even after that game he is running at an astonishing 90% Success Rate for all shots inside the 20m line.

A very high percentage of O’Donoghue’s point attempts come from Sector8; 30% versus an average of 13%. This is the most productive area, and an argument could be made that this would inflate your Success Rate but this is not always the case – as we have seen with B Brogan. Plus O’Donoghue is converting those “simpler” chances at a much higher rate than the average.

It is not just in Sector8 that O’Donoghue shows above average levels of accuracy – it is all across the pitch. For point attempts out wide inside the 20m line the average return is c44% – O’Donoghue has converted all seven of his attempts.

It continues outside the 20m line. O’Donoghue rarely shoots from the right wing (Sector4), only taking four shots over the three year period (possibly a point to note for opposing defences!) but when he does shoot from his favoured sectors (5 & 6) he converts at a combined 70%. The average? 44%.

59% of O’Donoghue’s shots occurred in the 2014 Championship when he compiled a 73% Success Rate. His shot chart is below. Given an overall Success Rate of 77% for the three year this year’s Championship was actually a down year (I jest – sort of!)






GAA pitch


3 Responses to “J O’Donoghue – a review”

  1. shanesmith6@gmail.com Says:

    Good evening,

    I find your stats fascinating. I’m just wondering if you have any stats on where Stephen cluxton kick outs land in cship games. I’m in 4th year in sports science in IT Tallaght & I’m doing some research in this area.

    Thanks in advance, Shane Smith

    Sent from my HTC

  2. Dublin V Fermanagh 2015 All Ireland QF | dontfoul Says:

    […] Where to start. Bernard Brogan grabbed 1-06 from 9 shots getting 0 – 02 with his two left footed attempts and netting his only goal bound effort. He has been uber efficient in front of goal scoring 5-00 from the six goal attempts he’s had this year and getting 0-16 from his 24 point attempts. That’s a combined Conversion Rate of 70% with a weighting of +6.93. We are talking James O’Donoghue from last year. […]

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