Kerry V Tyrone 2014 League

Unfortunately time is against me this week. A very quick synopsis of the game below


Team Possessions Shots Shot Rate Scores Success Rate Weighting
Kerry 38 32 84% 18 56% 1.073
Tyrone 36 27 75% 9 33% -3.934
Champ (’12 & ’13 avg) 35.8 27.6 77.2% 14.1 51.0%

After the Mayo game I intimated that Kerry’s shooting, sans Cooper, was not accurate enough to spot a top rival 6 extra attacking possessions.

They upped their attacking possessions here and whilst their accuracy was not brilliant their free taking was. They also minimized the attacking possessions Tyrone had – job more or less done.

The other option of course is for the opposition to not turn up! Tyrone’s returns are terrible. Their free taking was average; it was their shooting from play that let them down.

Shots from Play

Team Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
Kerry 23 9 39% -1.604
Tyrone 21 5 24% -4.055
Champ avgs (’12 & ’13) 20.3 9.2 45.4%

Below average from Kerry but very poor from Tyrone. What may be of more of a concern than the bare numbers, from a Tyrone perspective, is that of the 21 shots they took only 7 (33%) were taken with pressure on the shooter.

Six of those misses occurred after the first Kerry goal, when a gap had begun to open up, so there is an argument that Tyrone were taking wrong options seeking to get in close to goal but still five of those seven misses had no pressure applied.

Shots from deadballs

Player Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
B Sheehan (Kerry) 7 7 100% +2.214
J O’Donoghue (Kerry) 2 2 100% 0.463
N Morgan (Tyrone) 3 2 67% 0.575
R O’Neill (Tyrone) 3 2 67% -0.454
team avgs (’12 & ’13 Champ) 7.3 4.9 66.7%

After spending many a Kerry review expressing concerns about their deadball striking, and then seeing the returns for all non Cooper free takers over twelve games, it was of course only natural that Sheehan would throw in a brilliant display of free taking. Only Cavanagh’s display against Meath would have topped it from last year’s Championship.

On top of that O’Donoghue chipped in with his two short frees. Though not overly difficult it is important that they are popped over – one from a similar range was missed against Mayo.

Kickouts were a wash … 45 in total with Kerry winning possession from 22 and Tyrone 23. Kerry managed 12 shots from those possessions whilst Tyrone managed 11.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the kickouts was the fact that Kerry didn’t go short once – and never looked like trying one short either.

Players with >= 2 shots from play
Wonderful display from O’Donoghue. 3-1 from six shots with two points from frees as well. His finishing was deadly but his movement (second goal running from right to left into space), intelligence (anticipating the breaking ball for the first) and determination (bursting 40metres at the end of the game to get onto a pass) were also top drawer.

Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
J O’Donoghue (Kerry) 6 4 75% 1.303
D McCurry (Tyrone) 4 2 50% 0.218
B Keane (Kerry) 4 1 25% -0.782
S Cavanagh (Tyrone) 3 0 0% -1.078
E McKenna (Tyrone) 3 0 0% -1.323
S McGuigan (Tyrone) 3 0 0% -1.706
P Harte (Tyrone) 2 2 100% +1.224
P Geaney (Kerry) 2 1 50% 0.142
Mark Donnelly (Tyrone) 2 0 0% -0.767
D Casey (Kerry) 2 0 0% -0.776
S O’Brien (Kerry) 2 0 0% -1.417

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