Donegal V Mayo 2013

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Team Possessions Shots Shot Rate Scores Success Rate Weighting
Donegal 28 21 75% 10 48% +1.2382
Mayo 49 33 67% 21 64% +6.0737
2012 avg 35.28 27.02 76.6% 13.96 51.67%

Mayo’s weighting is, by far, the best return of any team.

An easy argument to make is that, with the game over as a contest quite early, there was no pressure on Mayo. They argument being that they were able to shoot at will however the weighting does take the game situation into account. Any scores, achieved whilst in front, are treated less favourably than those achieved whilst chasing a lead.

Another element that helps the weighting is that they took so many shots at goal. Mayo took nine shots for goal, converting four, but because they went for goal the misses are not treated as severely.

With all that said Mayo’s shooting was just simply immense.

Shots from Play

Team Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
Donegal 15 6 40% +0.5445
Mayo 29 18 62% +5.5951
2012 team avgs 20.14 9.36 46.5%

As stated above excellent shooting from Mayo. They had nine shots at goal, converting the four, but more impressive was their 70% strike (14 from 20) rate when attempting shots for points. When the game was there to be won, in the first half, Mayo hit a whopping 80% (8 from 10) when going for points.

Interestingly Mayo’s shooting was worse in the second half, when there was less pressure both mentally & physically. Of their ten shots in the first half Donegal pressured six; of Mayo’s ten shots in the second half Donegal only pressured three but Mayo converted two less.

Donegal’s weighting is just above average but, like all their previous games, they just didn’t take enough shots. Also whilst Mayo were streaking ahead the little bit of pressure Donegal could have applied was squandered as they only converted one of their first six shots from play.

Shots from deadballs

Player Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
C O’Connor (Mayo) 3 3 100% +1.027
K McLaughlin (Mayo) 1 0 0% -0.548
M Murphy (Donegal) 6 4 67% +0.694
2012 team avgs 6.88 4.6 66.9%

A quiet enough day which is in no small part due to the uncompetitive nature of the game for 50 minutes.

McLaughlin hit a very poor free at the start of the second half however that was the first one he has missed in this year’s Championship. O’Connor was again excellent and is now 100% this year (11 from 11).

Murphy had a good day from deadballs but it is a testament to the Mayo defense that McFadden never had a shot.

Shot Charts
Donegal’s shooting

Donegal shooting

Mayo’s shooting

Mayo shooting

x = missed, disc = score, yellow = deadball, white = play

Donegal-Mayo kickouts

Donegal had 14 kickouts in the first half with Mayo winning possession on eleven of them. Donegal found it incredibly hard to get out of their own half, breaching the Mayo 45 a mere ten times in the first half. It was from this position of strength that the platform was laid for Mayo’s first half attacking onslaught.

Players with >= 2 shots from play
Another excellent day from O’Connor whilst Dillon’s two points in the first half were very good and shows that his shooting performance against London was just a blip (he only attempted ne shot which was missed).

Perhaps more impressively from a Mayo standpoint is that nine players had only one shot with seven converting, This has echoes of the confidence flowing through Donegal’s game last year when the likes of McLoone, Thompson & McGlynn were aiding the front three.

Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
C O’Connor (Mayo) 5 4 80% +1.819
M McHugh (Donegal) 3 2 67% +0.959
A Dillon (Mayo) 3 2 67% +0.883
C McFadden (Donegal) 3 1 33% -0.033
M Murphy (Donegal) 3 1 33% -0.033
A Moran (Mayo) 3 1 33% -0.252
L Keegan (Mayo) 3 1 33% -0.252
A Freeman (Mayo) 2 2 50% +0.804
K McLaughlin (Mayo) 2 1 50% +0.066
P McBrearty (Donegal) 2 0 0% -0.680
D Coen (Mayo) 2 0 0% -0.748

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