Monaghan V Donegal 2013

For those new to the blog, or who haven’t been here for a while, please find a refresher on the definitions and how the numbers are compiled here


Team Possessions Shots Shot Rate Scores Success Rate Weighting
Monaghan 36 25 69% 13 52% +1.0027
Donegal 31 21 68% 7 33% -3.696
2012 avg 35.28 27.02 76.6% 13.96 51.67%

Monaghan’s Success Rate was average but their positive weighting shows that they converted more difficult shots than is the norm. This, in the main, can be attributed to their deadball striking as their shooting from play was average.

Donegal on the other hand had a very uncharacteristically inefficient day. Against Tyrone & Down they converted 67% of their shots; here it was a below par 42%.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but the signs of this type of game were there. The average number of shots in a game is 27 – in their last two outings Donegal only had 18 apiece. In this game they had 19 shots plus two scrambles at a goal (McGlynn’s overhead flick & Murphy’s toe poke) … such consistent low levels of shooting are not conducive to chasing a lead.

The difference in the start of both teams was striking. Monaghan came out as if scalded scoring four points from their first four possessions. Donegal had two shots in the first 20 minutes. After that initial scoring burst Monaghan basically held Donegal at arm’s length.

Shots from Play

Team Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
Monaghan 18 8 44% -0.1109
Donegal 14 3 21% -2.66
2012 team avgs 20.14 9.36 46.5%

The average number of shots from play in a game is 20. With the most recent outing first here are Donegal’s Championship returns, covering all of last year’s games and the three thus far this year with the Success Rate for each game in brackets,

14 (21%), 11 (67%), 12 (67%), 16 (44%), 23 (43%), 18 (44%), 20 (50%), 17 (41%), 14 (29%), 22 (41%)

Donegal had a perfect storm against Monaghan – low level of shots followed by very poor accuracy.

In the two games to date the Big3 – Murphy, McFadden & McBrearty – had taken a phenomenal 74% (17/23) of Donegal’s shots from play. They had succeeded in those games despite this obvious ploy by being selective with what shots they took as well as being deadly accurate.

Monaghan contained these three to four shots. Donegal had to be expecting some team to do this but what was surprising was that no one else stood up. Last year the Donegal shooters outside of the Big3 were actually more accurate as a combined force (see Donegal’s ’12 season previewed here) however in this game they were also lackluster – hitting 30% (3/10)

What of Monaghan? Against Cavan they were poor only hitting 33% (6 from 18) from play. They improved that here but were still only average. It was their deadball striking, and ability to keep Donegal’s volume of shots down, that were the spearheads of this victory.

Shots from deadballs

Player Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
C McManus (Monaghan) 3 3 100% +0.9396
R Beggan (Monaghan) 4 2 50% +0.174
C McFadden (Donegal) 7 4 57% -1.037
2012 team avgs 6.88 4.6 66.9%

Excellent work from McManus & Beggan. A feature of last year’s Championship run was how poorly opposition deadball strikers did against Donegal (see here). There has been a mixed bag to date in this year’s Championship; Morgan’s struggles have been well documented in the Tyrone game whilst O’Hare had a very good game last time out for Down.

When playing as tenacious a team as Donegal, one that brings you into an arm wrestle no matter what you may want to do, it is imperative that you keep the scoreboard ticking over. No team has managed to do that from deadballs against Donegal as well as Monaghan.

McFadden missed six deadballs in seven games last year (21/27 – 78%). He missed three in this game and is at five for the three games played to date.

Shot Charts
Monaghan’s shooting

Monaghan shooting

Donegal’s shooting

Donegal shooting

x = missed, disc = score, yellow = deadball, white = play

Mon-Don kickouts

There were 39 kickouts in total but coverage of them was not great. We didn’t get to see one sequence in its entirety and missed the length (short, mid, long) on another three.

Bearing that in mind that is still a healthy enough return for Donegal. Their own kickout possession returns are padded by the fact that they hit eight short, thus gaining easy possession, however they were able to work four of those eight into a shooting opportunity. Given that they enabled Monaghan to have three shots off the remainder of their kickouts they may have been better off kicking them all short.

Monaghan were much longer on their own kickout. This work a treat until midway through the second half as they won possession on 83% (10 from 12) of them and got 4 more shots from those kickouts as compared to Donegal’s one. The tide turned thereafter with Donegal winning possession on five of Monaghan’s final seven kickouts however Monaghan limited the damage by getting shots off from the two that they did win.

Players with >= 2 shots from play
A wonderful outing from Hughes with the timing of his three points, right at the start of the second half, ensuring Monaghan kept their lead against an expected Donegal onslaught after half time.

Donegal’s big three – Murphy, McFadden & McBrearty – only had four shots from play with Murphy’s being no more than a reactionary toe poke. Monghan’s defence was excellent at denying them time & space.

Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
K Hughes (Monaghan) 4 3 75% +1.044
R Kavanagh (Donegal) 4 1 25% -0.631
P Donaghy (Monaghan) 3 1 33% -0.282
D Mone (Monaghan) 3 1 33% -0.342
F McGlynn (Donegal) 2 1 50% +0.320
D Hughes (Monaghan) 2 1 50% +0.163
C McGuinness (Monaghan) 2 1 50% -0.106
R Bradley (Donegal) 2 0 0% -0.785
P McBrearty (Donegal) 2 0 0% -0.957

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    […] who, even taking the Tyrone game into account, haven’t approached the levels we did in 2012 (the stats on shots taken and shots from play are enough to help explain why.  As Darren Hughes said in the immediate aftermath on Sunday, Monaghan have had two years to watch […]

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