Dublin V Tyrone 2013 League Final

For those new to the blog, or who haven’t been here for a while, please find a refresher on the definitions and how the numbers are compiled here


Team Possessions Shots Shot Rate Scores Success Rate Weighting
Dublin 41 32 78% 18 56% +0.7423
Tyrone 34 31 91% 17 55% +1.3168
2012 avg 35.28 27.02 76.6% 13.96 51.67%

Good returns all round. The first half was quite open with 20 scores from 41 possessions (49%) however the game tightened up in the second half with 15 points from 34 possessions (44%)

In the semi final it was noted that Kildare got 33 shots off and that this would be a slight concern (this is “only” the league after all) for Tyrone. If it is a concern then this outing won’t have eased it any.

Tyrone’s shooting in general was poor with only Morgan’s deadball striking ensuring a positive return. The 91% shot rate is excellent however can, in part, be attributed to Morgan. Tyrone got 5 shots from Morgan outside the 45 – normally teams would get 3 or 4 shots from these 5 possession thus reducing the percentages to the mid eighties.

Shots from play

Team Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
Dublin 22 11 50% +0.9794
Tyrone 22 9 41% -1.072
2012 avg 20.14 9.36 46.47%

For quite a while now the knock on the Dublin forwards has been that no one has stepped up to support Brogan. Mannion scored 3 points from play with Rock getting two from the bench in a game where Brogan only had one shot from play (blocked for a 45). I’m sure Gavin will be happy to score 11 from play without Brogan getting on the scoresheet – I’m sure he’ll be even happier if the support cast do this whilst Brogan is on song as well.

Mentioning Rock the difference in the game could easily be put down to the bench. Rock & Philly McMahon scored 3 points from 3 shots whilst in the same period Coney & Kane missed 3 from 3.

Shots from deadballs

Player Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
B Brogan (Dublin) 6 5 83% +0.0176
S Cluxton (Dublin) 2 1 50% +0.0192
P Mannion (Dublin) 2 1 50% -0.2739
N Morgan (Tyrone) 6 5 83% +2.0036
M Penrose (Tyrone) 2 2 100% +0.3298
S Cavanagh (Tyrone) 1 1 100% +0.0556
team avgs 6.88 4.60 66.9%

Two very different 5 point returns here. Brogan scored 5 points but basically had an average day as all his frees were in close and in positions that an average county player would be expected to get.

Niall Morgan on the other hand had a superlative day out. In the Tyrone shooting chart below all 6 of the furthest out shots were his. Converting 5 of these is well above what could be expected. Morgan’s power & accuracy is such that he could, on his own, change how teams approach Tyrone. The foul zone for the opposition is a lot further out thus giving Tyrone players that extra split second on the ball in an area where they can pick an inside pass.

A quick note on Séan Cavanagh’s day. He popped over the only free he had but also contributed 3 points from play (4 shots – weighting of +0.863). As important however is his hidden value – he won 3 frees that Tyrone scored points from. That’s a direct impact in 7 of Tyrone’s scores.

Shot charts
The below shot charts are produced without comment – they are something new being worked on for the Championship and should be very instructive in comparing where teams are shooting (and missing) from.

Dublin’s shooting
Dublin shooting
x = missed, disc = score

Tyrone’s shooting
Tyrone shooting
x = missed, disc = score


Team Won % Turned into Attack % Turned into Shot %
Dublin 30 56% 22 73% 19 63%
Tyrone 24 44% 17 71% 15 63%

Dublin, as is almost expected given Cluxton’s accuracy, dominated their own kickouts winning 69% (18/26) and gaining 6 more shots than Tyrone did; Dublin got 10 shots from their kickouts whilst Tyrone got 4.

Tyrone were less successful on their kickouts only gaining two more shots than Dublin (11 versus 9). Dublin in fact were excellent on Tyrone’s kickouts; they won 43% (12/28) but managed to convert 11 of these wins into possessions and 9 into shots.

Players with >= 2 shots from play

Shots Scores Success Rate Weighting
C McAliskey (Tyrone) 5 3 60% +0.5206
P Andrews (Dublin) 5 1 20% -1.614
P Mannion (Dublin) 4 3 75% +1.3121
S Cavanagh (Tyrone) 4 3 75% +0.863
D Connolly (Dublin) 4 2 50% +0.1485
D Rock (Dublin) 2 2 100% +1.0711
C Gormley (Tyrone) 2 1 50% +0.138
Mark Donnelly (Tyrone) 2 1 50% +0.0925
P Kane (Tyrone) 2 0 0% -0.7315
J Whelan (Dublin) 2 0 0% -0.759
A Cassidy (Tyrone) 2 0 0% -1.079

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