Cork V Kildare

Team Possessions Shots Shot Rate Scores Success Rate Return Vs Expected
Cork 37 31 84% 21 68% +5.85
Kildare 34 28 82% 12 43% -1.64
avg 38.5 27.6 71.7% 13.9 50.4% 0.00

At first glance the numbers show that despite the final score Kildare had their chances. Unfortunately for them their critics were proven correct – when the pressure came on their shooting let them down. What may come as a surprise is that it was their free taking that did for them and not their shooting from play (see below).

Cork were (again) excellent. They turned possessions into shots and converted a high percentage of those shots. Both their shooting from play (63%; 15 from 24) and from deadballs (86%; 6 from 7) were top drawer. The one issue that Conor Counihan might worry about is that after they got their 2nd goal midway through the first half they only had 5 possessions and 2 shots for the rest of that half. In the same period they allowed Kildare 12 possessions and 9 shots. In what is expected to be a tight affair against Donegal they can’t allow such a fallow period.

From play

Team Shots Scores Success Rate Vs Expected
Cork 24 15 63% +4.09
Kildare 17 8 47% +1.01
avg 20.5 9.2 44.9% 0.00

From deadballs

Player Shots Scores Success Rate Vs Expected
D O’Connor (Cork) 4 3 75% +0.18
C O’Neill (Cork) 2 2 100% +0.98
A Walsh (Cork) 1 1 100% +0.60
E O’Flaherty (Kildare) 4 1 25% -1.05
M Conway (Kildare) 3 1 33% -0.78
J Doyle (Kildare) 2 1 50% -0.45
A Smith (Kildare) 2 1 50% +0.14
S Johnston (Kildare) 1 0 0% -0.51
team avgs 7.2 4.8 66.2% 0.00

As stated Kildare had their chances. When they got within 3 points they then missed two frees, a snatched Alan Smith shot from in front of goal and a Daryl Flynn shot from relatively straight in front of the posts. In the 4 possessions after this Cork scored 3 points and broke Kildare.

Now perhaps Cork’s returns from play were aided by an easy second half, when Kildare were beaten and the middle opened up, however we must remember that they were quite good against Kerry as well in a competitive game.

One cannot question Cork’s deadball striking however – when Kildare were generally on top in the first 10-15 minutes Cork hit 4 wonderful deadballs to keep in touch (O’Neill wide right, O’Connor wide left, Walsh from outside the 45m line & an O’Connor 45m). Given Kildare’s struggles with deadballs the difference was remarkeable and must have eaten away at Kildare’s belief.

A note on Kildare’s deadball striking. In 2010 when Kildare got to the semi final their shooting from play was excellent however the deadball striking let them down. John Doyle was, in the main, on the frees then and I assume that Kildare looked at the stats & then tried to develop alternatives. Unfortunately those alternatives didn’t fire in this game.

Kildare carried 3 non scoring forwards in O’Connor, E O’Flaherty & Conway. Between them they took 1 shot from play. O’Connor did do his ‘job’ in that he won 3 frees that resulted in shots however O’Flaherty & Conway just didn’t click at all. Kildare may need to re think carrying all 3.

Players with >= 3 shots from play

Shots Scores Success Rate Vs Expected
A Smith (Kildare) 5 3 60% +0.83
P Kerrigan (Cork) 5 3 60% +0.40
J Doyle (Kildare) 5 2 40% +0.27
C O’Neill (Cork) 5 2 40% -0.29
D Goulding (Cork) 3 2 67% +0.64
P Kissane (Cork) 2 2 100% +1.22
P O’Neill (Cork) 2 2 100% +1.17
A Walsh (Cork) 2 2 100% +0.92
D O’Connor (Cork) 2 1 50% +0.23

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